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Wedding Rentals

Planning the biggest day of your life can be complicated, especially when you start to look at the details. To ensure your wedding reception is everything you ever want it to be, you need quality wedding decor rentals on your tables and surrounding your guests.

FOS Decor Center is one of the leading providers of wedding rentals in Canada. We boast an extensive collection of wedding rentals from a number of different categories:

Wedding Rentals


Wedding rentals that are considered “must-haves” include linens, chairs, centrepieces, charger plates, napkins and napkin rings, and table numbers. These decor pieces play off of each other to create a composed and finished design.

Linens: Linens are key wedding rental items that every wedding reception needs. Our selection of designer linens includes classic solid satins, textured fabrics and taffetas, and rich damask patterns. We also stock beautiful overlays, which recently received national accolades and are the most sought-after linen wedding rentals.

Chairs: When it comes to wedding rentals, chairs are another “must have”. FOS stocks a wide variety of designer chair options, including Chiavari chairs, ghost chairs and large bride and groom chairs. All seating options are comfortable, easily transported, and work with a variety of design options and schemes.

Centrepieces: Centrepieces are another crucial category of wedding rentals. Centrepieces tie elements of a room’s overall decor to the table designs, and often create the biggest “wow factor” in the room. Centrepieces can consist of natural elements, crystal elements, and, of course, floral elements. Some of our centrepiece options include crystal chandeliers, candelabras, acrylic sculptures, lampshades Manzanita trees, cherry branches and more.

Charger plates: Charger plates are wedding rentals that are sometimes overlooked, but we stress their importance. Chargers create a bridge between the decor and the table settings, and add another elegant dimension to the design. They also fill the void on tables when plates are absent between courses. Some of our inventory includes glass Belmont charger plates, designer charger plates, chrome charger plates, mirrored charger plates, and popular colours such as gold, silver, black and white charger plates.

Napkins & napkin rings: Napkins are key wedding rentals, while napkins rings are optional, but are a good choice for a more upscale wedding design. Napkins are chosen to work with the linens, whether by complimenting them or contrasting with them, and napkin rings are used to accessorize and enhance the table decor, adding a touch of sparkle and class.

Table numbers: When planning your wedding reception you need to organize the seating of guests, so why not make that organization part of the decor? FOS offers traditional table number displays such as card-holders, as well as modern versions such as frames. Some of our frame options include crystal, mirrored, chrome, silver, gold and ornate frames.


When you arrive for your consultation with your event designer, we suggest you have a basic idea of the style or colours you want for your wedding so that we can start to think about what wedding rentals would work best for you.