• Jul 14th, 2015

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you so much for making our wedding so beautiful. It looked absolutely breathtaking as I walked down the aisle. Thank you for being so accommodating during the process and having the crew and yourself stay the entire time. We really appreciate it and will definitely recommend you to all our friends. You have been so amazing during the process and it was so nice to see you before the ceremony. Thanks again Anna.

  • Jul 6th, 2015

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for the follow up. WE LOVED IT, and so did all our guests! Our tent was by far the most impressive and people flocked to our area. All the furniture and décor, set-up…etc. was don seamlessly by your team. Thank you so much for all your amazing communication, we are extremely grateful.

    ~Meghan S.~
  • Jul 6th, 2015

    Dear Miki & the FOS team,

    Thank you for the beautiful decor. Everything from FOS was a perfect addition to our event!

    ~Elizabeth & Corey Z.~
  • Jun 26th, 2015

    Hey Anna!! Well the hall looked absolutely stunning! I can't wait to get my pics to show you!

    We were both so happy with everything! THANK YOU so much for all your help! You were fantastic!!
    ~Savannah T.~
  • May 26th, 2015

    Hi Yuliana,

    Everything went very well:) The décor was so beautiful!! Everyone was very impressed and we definitely told them it came from FOS too!!! Truly a beautiful look and worked really well with the restaurant colours.

    Thank you so much for your help!! You are so great and such a pleasure to work with:)

    Everything was picked up today too.

    Take care:)
    ~Angela P.~
  • May 19th, 2015


    I hope you all enjoyed a little down time for the holiday weekend to recuperate from Saturday night's event.

    It was a BIG JOB...and a job well done, by ONE & ALL...thanks to everyone for your co-operation, patience and professionalism, it all worked and I think the client was very happy!

    Please extend my thanks to your extended teams, everyone really helped to make this event happen!

    Take care,
    ~Karen G.~
  • May 13th, 2015

    Anna...thank you very much for all your help. All the flowers were lovely. I loved the beautiful centrepieces.

    Everyone ensured they took one...the only 2 left were the ones on the head table...haha. I think a few people re-purposed them for mother's day the next day...

    My bouquet was fabulous. I loved it. And the flower girl ones were were perfect.

    As for the backdrop, thank you again for the tie backs. It looked lovely. I was extremely happy with everything.

    Thank you again.
    ~Stella K.~
  • May 6th, 2015

    Hi, Robert!

    Thanks so much for reaching out.

    I can’t thank you ENOUGH for your incredible work on our gala. The room was absolutely stunning and you truly captured our vision for the event. In particular, that fountain was a true work of art and exceeded our wildest expectations. Our guests frequently commented on the grandeur of the room and how spectacular it looked.

    Thank you for all your help, work and patience in bringing our vision to life. You were an absolute pleasure to work with.

    We can’t wait to work with you again next year, as we are off to California!! Thought I’d plant the seed now… ;)

    Warmest regards,
    ~Shannon C.~
  • Mar 9th, 2015

    Everything was perfect Rebecca! Thank you for emailing us... We were so happy and loved the turn out!!! Thank you for all the hard work put into our wedding we appreciate it so much! Many many thanks...

    ~Sara & Paolo~
  • Mar 6th, 2015


    So sorry it's always hectic the day after an event because there is so much catch up to do! But you beat me to it...I was going to send an email to thank you...YES everything was beautiful and looked so good that you were right in choosing the tablecloth - of course you have great taste!!

    It was beautiful and I had so many compliments on the decor! I look forward to working with you and FOS again at my next event!

    Have a great weekend :-)
    ~Jeanie V.~