Q:  How far in advance should I book the decor for my event?
A:  We generally advise our clients to book their décor 9 months – 1 year in advance to ensure the availability of the décor items and the designer for the specific date.
Q:  Would I be able to book my décor if I haven’t booked a venue yet?
A:  We generally recommend that clients book their venue first before booking the décor in order for our designers to know the perimeter of the space they are working within and the color scheme of the venue. However, if you desire a specific look or would like our assistance in helping you pick a unique venue, please contact us and one of our designers will be happy to set up a complimentary consultation with you to discuss various available options.
Q:  Can I book a designer for a specific date before booking my venue?
A:  Yes, a designer can be booked prior to booking the venue. During the summer months our designers are extremely busy and get booked up fast. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us as soon as you start planning your event to ensure availability.
Q:  Does FOS Decor deliver outside of Toronto?
A:  Yes. We will deliver to anywhere within Canada and the United States.
Q:  Is there a minimum order that needs to be placed?
A:  There is no minimum order amount. Clients can rent any individual item from our rental collection or hire us to design the entire event.
Q:  Does FOS provide full service décor set up and tear down?
A:  Yes, we provide full service logistics. Our team will deliver, set up, tear down and pick up the décor. In addition, we can also provide full design services which can include cad drawings and event renderings.
Q:  How can FOS ensure a unique look and feel for my event in comparison to what my friends have already done for their events?
A:  Our designers work closely with every client to create a customized look to suit the client’s personality, taste and preference. None of our events are ever the same.
Q:  Do I still need to book a wedding planner if I already have an event designer?
A:  Yes, the wedding planner will assist you in dealing with all the professionals that you hired and ensure that a tight time line is followed on your wedding day. In addition you will be able to enjoy your special day and not have to encounter additional unnecessary stress. The event designer will maintain quality control and ensure that all the services and products that you ordered from FOS get delivered and set-up as per the design that was created and approved by you in our showroom.
Q:  How do I get a price list?
A:  We enjoy having a one on one personal relationships with our clients. If you would like to obtain a pricelist, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at 905-760-0040 in order to gain access to our online pricelist.