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Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are a beautiful, practical choice for any event. Their elegant design has been widely used across the world for decades, making the Chiavari chair one of the most popular high-end seating choices for weddings, corporate galas, bar mitzvahs, and just about any other chic event. They’re a ‘must have’ for brides and the choice of Presidents - and with good reason.

History: The Chiavari chair was originally designed by Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi from Chiavari, Italy in the early 1800s. Descalzi was tasked to rework some French style chairs at the request of the Economic Society of Chiavari. His goal was to create a lightweight chair that was practical, but still elegant in its appearance. The resulting Chiavari chair design was a huge success, and the chair became a staple of special events.

Today Chiavari chairs are more popular than ever. They’re been extensively used in movies, TV shows, political events and celebrity weddings, such as that of John and Jackie Kennedy. If you’ve ever been to a wedding or corporate event, chances are you sat in a Chiavari chair.

Why event designers love Chiavari: The Chiavari chair is the perfect chair design for weddings and special events. They’re the number one choice of event designers for a number of reasons:

  • They’re simple in their construction, yet have an elegant style that makes them an ideal decorative choice.
  • Chiavari chairs are lightweight, making them easy to transport, setup, and move around during an event.
  • The structure of the chairs makes them comfortable enough to sit in for several hours, which is extremely important for any event.
  • Chiavari chairs are durable and can stand up to lots of use.


FOS Chiavari chair options: FOS offers Chiavari chairs in cherry, acrylic, mahogany, white, black, gold, and silver. The white, acrylic, gold and silver chairs are the most popular choices for weddings, while corporate functions tend to use the darker, earthier tones. FOS also offers different cushion colours for additional style options. Chiavari chairs can even be wrapped in chair covers for a more sophisticated look and feel, a choice often used for bridal party chairs to make them stand out.

chiavary chairs

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Dressing it up: Chiavari chairs are easy to “dress up”. The structure of the back allows you to securely tie on sashes, string with ribbons or pearls, or simply attach flowers. This flexibility gives the Chiavari chair the ability to become something really special, and allows it to be integrated into an event’s design.


The Chiavari chair is at home in the most exquisite weddings and the most casual backyard barbecues. Their stylish design and functional flexibility has made the Chiavari chair one of FOS Decor Center’s most popular event rentals.