Winter decor is Coming

Brace yourselves: Snowflakes and hot chocolate are here!

Canada doesn’t stop having fun just because it’s a little icy outside. Events still go strong right through winter. In fact, the spirit of the season is celebrated and embraced by planners, decorators and clients alike. Think Santa Claus parade, Cavalcade of Lights, the Royal Winter Fair, the Toronto Christmas Market, Ice Fest, etc. Magical events that make us smile even in the coldest of blizzards.

Weddings and corporate events at this time of the year embrace a good Canadian Winter. For an incredible winter event, our designers concentrate on one of two main directions you can go:

1) Cool and Sleek

Sleek furniture like our Manhattan collection is perfect for a minimalist winter aesthetic. Whether accented with chrome or gold frames (we carry both), the furniture creates a clean white base on which we can build the layers of winter decor.

To this base you can add floating candles in glass vases, white or gold sequin linens and decor accents like birch branches, glass charger plates, Manzanita trees with hanging crystals or simple tea lights. Keeping it simple is key.

You can build further on this by adding pops of colour, and incorporating different textural elements to create intrigue, such as hanging crystals that look like ice, or white flowers with metallic accents.

2) Warm and Cozy

In contrast to the crisp, white-based approach, a rustic look is just as stunning, and reminds people of being home for the holidays. We like to use our Distillery Collection furniture paired with dark contrasting colours to make the space vibrant.

To add warmth and charm, clever accents like bold charger plates, textured linens and epic centerpieces help bring the space to life. You can also incorporate choice props to define a scene or add a great photo opportunity to a design.

For true warmth, the perfect lighting is key to creating the cozy winter aesthetic. Depending on your design, sophisticated lighting treatments or good old-fashioned candles will help set the mood, and tie everything together.

FOS has lots going on during the winter months – from corporate holiday parties to deep winter weddings to high-end trade shows. The designs may look different, but the motive is the same: to bring people together in celebration.

We hope that these thoughts and ideas have inspired you to embrace the magic of the season. As always if you have any questions or would like to discuss a possible event, drop us a line at