Wedding Theme Decorations

When it comes to designing the “perfect wedding”, brides, grooms and planners often make lists of essential components that must be involved. Many of these components include: linens, centerpieces, napkins, chairs, in other words “the basics”. Not to say that these essential pieces won’t make your wedding stunning, but here at FOS we always try to bring an extra flair with a “Wow” factor.

This is what we mean:

Be daring, creative, show your personality and think outside the box of traditional weddings. Of course beautiful centerpieces are important, however to make your reception fantastic and extraordinary consider giving it a theme and accessorize with live models. You will definitely receive an outstanding amount of compliments by your guests as they engage themselves with fun activities and interactions which will last all evening long. Many guests would love to have their photos taken with personal cameras as well to commemorate the evening!

Find locations in the room to accent the theme with fine touches of exquisite pieces. This will keep your guests captivated at all angles of the room and at the same time maintain the elegance and sophistication of a wedding without making it seem like a “theme party”.

Here at FOS, our talented designers will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the look and the effect you desire.

When considering a theme for your wedding think about aspects that relate to you and inspire you. Whether it is your heritage, culture, hobby, or simply a fantasy. Our designers will create elements to incorporate in your wedding décor to reflect the theme, and ensure the effect is achieved without “overdoing it”. As the famous saying goes “sometimes less is more”, FOS designers definitely have got the eye to achieve the perfect result!

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