Wedding Decoration Ideas

When trying to come up with a design for your wedding, look far beyond magazine pictures and images that inspire you. Begin reflecting on you and your partners’ personalities, styles, likes and dislikes. After all, you are trying to come up with a design that is unique and meaningful to both of you as a couple. Here at FOS, each concept that we design for our clients is individualized, one of a kind and true reflection of their personalities. We achieve this through a combination of our unique techniques, superior products and gracefully talented designers who are detail oriented and focused to deliver excellence every time!


  • To show creativity, give every table a different persona. By selecting the same centerpieces and flowers, create different floral design on each centerpiece. No two designs are exactly the same, however the complete vision will be unified and cohesive
  • Consider giving each table a “phrase” rather than just a number. This is a great way to engage your guests, and make it more personable to them. The juxtaposition of candle light and imaginative table phrases will create softer ambiance
  • Remember, your ceremony and reception does not have to be reflective of one another! In fact, your reception is a celebration! So let it be. Do not be afraid to incorporate more bright colours, meanwhile keeping your ceremony more toned down.
  • Be creative with the space, try to produce more visual interest and variety by mixing and matching shapes, shades, and heights of your centerpieces and complimentary accessories
  • Ceiling floral pieces will make a powerful statement to your reception!