Wedding Centerpieces

FOS has mastered the art of creating magic and dramatic impact when it comes to centerpiece design. Coupling our award winning designers, florists and incredible selection of centerpieces, the only limit to our creations is the sky. We are honored to be trusted with designing for our clients, especially because often, these are very precious moments in someone’s life! Therefore our goal is to make our clients feel comfortable and confident with the final result.

The Process:

We begin the design process by meeting with our clients to get a clear idea of what they envision. Some of the most important questions will be asked in the initial consultation to determine preferences in terms of core foundation of the centerpiece design (whether it’s a vase, candelabra, crystal or acrylic), flowers, size and structure. Once we’ve got a general knowledge of our clients’ taste level and all the elements that will be involved we begin an extensive process of designing a prototype of our client’s vision. During the following meetings, the client will be introduced to the concept of the centerpiece and the table set up; subsequently getting a clear idea of the complete room design on the day of the event! The number of meetings will differ from client to client depending on the needs and final design plan.

Our showroom is the perfect place to envision the centerpiece concept while its’ fully equipped with state of the art décor lighting system (to give you the full visual effect), full collection of centerpieces, linens and much more!

Because FOS is a full décor firm, we also feature a floral facility right next door, which is where the magic happens!

FOS Advice:

  • Think of your centerpiece as a personal statement which reflects your personality, dreams, and style.
  • Before trying to envision your centerpiece – think about things in your life that reflect your individuality. For example, do you have a modern taste or more of a conservative taste. If you are not sure ask yourself might you lean more towards contemporary furniture in your house? Or traditional style?
  • Consider the season that your event is taking place in as it may affect the overall colour scheme and floral arrangements
  • Remember, flowers are not the limit! You can sprout the exotic way by incorporating elements like giant palm leaves or something as ordinary as various fruits like oranges, limes, grapes, and apples to create something unbelievably exquisite.
  • Search for beauty in simplicity – a lot of extraordinary designs are born from ordinary everyday things.