Underwater Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Last weekend FOS pulled off an incredible Bar and Bat Mitzvah for two siblings that love the sea. The complex decor explored the ocean’s diversity of colour and texture, taking guests on an underwater journey that began with a beach-inspired entrance, and coasted through an immersive underwater event space.

At the beach

Guests began their evening in a beach-themed lobby with a tiki hut, decaled bars and a sleek black lounge space. The decor was minimalistic, and consisted of scenic backdrops and bar decals, palm trees, and surfboard seating.

Under the sea

After enjoying a drink with friends, guests were submerged into the main event space, which was designed to explore the ocean depths.

Every table had a starfish table number on a twine-wrapped base, with colourful table linens and matching chair covers. Half of the centerpieces consisted of painted Manzanita “corals” with hanging ornaments – fish, seahorses, octopuses, etc. – on a mossy green base with seashells. The rest of the centerpieces consisted of water and coral filled glass vases with live swimming fish, topped with an arrangement of hanging amaranthus, red coral and sword fern that looked like sea grass, with a mossy green base decorated with seashells.

Oceanic backdrops lined the room and became the canvas for our artistic team. Working in from the backdrops, we set up decaled bars and food stations, each sporting its own underwater scene.

Around the floor of the room we created three dimensional reef vignettes made of seahorses, moss, and painted manzanita trees to give the scene dimension and texture.

From the ceiling we hung a massive great white shark prop, and strung up clusters of jellyfish made from iridescent material and light fabrics that caught the air and shimmered as if floating gently by.

We completed the scene with a light white lounge area that popped against the vibrant colours of the rest of the room. The lounge featured white sofas and ottomans, Manhattan coffee tables, and square glass votives filled with blue fish tank pebbles, small shells, a bright white LED light and red manzanita branches painted to look like coral.

With such a fun, unique concept to work our team was incredibly inspired throughout the entire design process leading up to this event. Our range of artistic talent was given a chance to shine, and our clients were thrilled with the creativity and level of detail we were able to achieve for this momentous event.