Make your indoor wedding summery!

A warm, summery outdoor wedding is a dream come true, assuming all goes according to plan. However because plans often go awry when you’re counting on Mother Nature, most couples choose the security of an indoor wedding.

But just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t have summer in your wedding. Here are some suggestions to incorporate summer into your indoor wedding without spending a fortune.

1) Pick a summery theme and embrace it!

Whatever your summer thing is, you can use it as a fantastic base for a wedding!

Cottage goers? Think marshmallow roasting station and wood grain furniture.
Fan of music fests? Use lots of bold colours and wispy fabrics in your décor, and put bubble pots on each table.
Beach babe? Incorporate sand and shells into your centerpieces and use customized beach towels as your favours – they’re affordable and fun!

2) Choose bright colours against a white base.

Bright colours like yellow, green and orange are automatically associated with summer. The warmth carries over even more if you pair it with fresh greens that remind guests of being outdoors in nice weather. You don’t have to limit your colours to florals either – think about using bright, bold tumblers, table runners or candles!

Use a white base so the colours have ‘space’ to pop, and keep the rest of your decor minimal to maximize your budget while creating a truly summery aesthetic.

3) Incorporate an outdoor lounge

By setting up a lounge space outside, you allow guests to enjoy the summer air without risking the entire wedding. All you need is a covered space and some sleek white furniture where guests can retreat to. You can also put one of your bars out there to serve cool summer refreshments, like signature frozen mixed drinks or fresh mojitos to enhance your theme.

4) Achieve that garden look with clever florals

Instead of perfect, manicured floral balls, go for something more rustic with greens to make the arrangements look like they were fresh picked from a local garden (or like they’re still in that garden). You can also incorporate fresh citrus fruits or butterfly decorations as a trendy, inexpensive and powerful way to freshen up your decor and enhance the summer theme!

5) Opt for a tent.

If your budget allows, a fully covered tent will let you to roll up the windows and enjoy the summer breeze, or shut out the rain and mosquitoes as you see fit. Keep in mind there will be added costs to energizing a tent, but you can save in other ways, like having both your ceremony and reception in the same space and keeping your florals to a minimum.

If you’re a true summer spirit, we highly recommend you discuss these options with your Event Planner and Event Designer. They can help you come up with even more ideas that fit your style and your budget.