Helpful Hints to Help You Design Your Wedding

Planing a once in a life time occasion is not an easy task. You may find yourself overwhelmed with all the details that are involved with preparing and designing your dream wedding. We picked three important components to consider and help you translate your dream wedding to reality.

Budget is of course, one of the most important things to consider when it comes to the design of your fairytale wedding; you should set aside a desired amount that will go towards your decor. By providing a budget ahead of time we will be able to determine how elaborate the design will be in regards to the type of decor rentals, lighting, flowers,  and other decor elements that need to be used. As designers, we have the knowledge and expertise to recommend a suitable design concept for every  budget.

Color Scheme is your second most important component. Picking the colors for your wedding is an exciting and conceptual process as it will reflect your personalities, style, and mood for the evening. A game of colors is truly an incessant roller coaster. From analogue colors (the same scheme) to inharmonious colors (opposite of each other), there are endless combination’s that can be expressed in your wedding and make it truly yours. Consequently, when choosing the color scheme, you may simply pick the color you already like, but how you convey those colors is where the designers’ artistic talent comes in. For example, purple on it’s own can be expressed as overwhelmingly electric. However, By combining Purple with Ivory you create a passionate, exciting and elegant feel. The trick is to find the right balance of colors based on the desired mood. Some of the decor elements that colors can be brought out in are various  fabrics and textures such as drapes, linens and napkins, flowers and of course lighting. Your colors are ultimately what creates the mood and feel of your wedding.

Season… there are so many different components that can be affected by the season in which you pick to celebrate your milestone. Flowers, colors, cost, locations, and theme are just to name a few.  Of course each season brings undeniable inspirations. For instance in the winter, you may be inspired by the snow and the ice, and lean towards cooler tones of whites and blues. Flowers can be accented by crystals and candles replaced by artificial LED lights. Autumn is the peak for warmth in color and textures. A great combination for reds and oranges amplify the richness of this beautiful season. Spring and summer tend to be lighter, with more pastels and lighter textures.  The flowers you select for your decor, will of course be chosen largely based on the season as well.