FOS corporate event trends: Luxury lounges

As the looming weather shift ushers in the FOS corporate event season, we looked back at some of our events over the past year and notice a trend. Corporate and social event clients bored with the rigid dining and ballroom setup of traditional formal events are increasingly interested in a lighter, playful atmosphere.

To meet this client need, FOS focuses greater attention than ever on creating lounge setups that maintain the high style of the occasion, but also encourage guests to relax and really enjoy a special night out. Here’s a look at how FOS does the luxury lounge…

Sleek and simple

Lounge setups serve one major purpose: a spot for guests to relax and converse. In most cases, simple lounges with steamlined furniture work best to create a large space for people to use. FOS’ modern furniture collection has a variety of options that can make the perfect lounge for just about any theme, such as the ‘Miami’ themed event below. For this we used low chrome coffee tables decorated with a simple floral arrangements in mirrored vases, and chose our contemporary armless Barcelona line of sofas in white to keep the space cool and airy.

Miami lounge

We created several lounge sections for the Miami event to offer guests variety. Above is a darker, more secluded lounge ideal for quiet conversation, and below is a stand-out lounge that encouraged guests to let loose and have fun. The raised platform made the guests feel elevated and boundary-breaking, while the metallic sofas and chaise lounges made for great photo opportunities.

Miami lounge


When working with a theme, the accent decor is what really creates an awesome lounge effect. For last year’s Moroccan Bat Mitzvah we tucked small lounges into the vast dining room to create oases where guests could retreat and relax. For this event we chose strong thematic accent pieces such as the colourful lanterns, Persian rug, and unique painted tables. The strongest part of this design was the use of rich fabrics – a mixture of patterned upholstery and pillows – to create an inviting space guests couldn’t resist.

Moroccan oasis

Space definition

It’s important that a lounge becomes an extension of the design, but still encourages guests to behave and feel a little differently than they would seated at a table. Utilizing strategic lighting and creating borders is one of FOS’ tricks to defining lounge spaces. Showcased below is a variety of lighting techniques that created different atmospheres in the lounge and cocktail sections situated just feet from each other. The lounge in this design was also sectioned off with a synthetic grass carpet, and framed with potted plants and thematic ottomans that were both functional and beautiful.

Funky cocktails

Wedding lounges

Lately at FOS we’ve even started using lounges in weddings to create comfortable, intimate atmospheres. Here’s a look at one of our more recent weddings, which featured lounge decor throughout the reception space. The client here opted for sofa seating and communal tables exclusively, and no dining tables were used. Without sacrificing elegance, the lounge was a romantic, comfortable utilization of the reception space that guests found both fresh and luxurious.

Wedding lounge

For one of our most recent weddings below, an outdoor lounge of crisp, white contemporary furniture offered guests a twilit retreat from the festivities of the reception tent. Like we would for a corporate event, we kept the lounge simple, utilizing modern furniture and minimalist decorations, but extended the decor of the main event into the outside space through small pastel floral arrangements and sleek glass vases with floating candles.

Lounge retreat