Designer Spotlight: Marc Contardi

Marc’s enthusiastic creativity and passion for style has made him one of the leading event designers in the industry. With a flair for pairing and a knack for tapping in to his clients’ style, Marc’s designs are as unique and beautiful as the moments they celebrate.

After graduating from OCAD with a degree in Interior Design, Marc quickly discovered his artistic talents and love of meeting new people would be especially meaningful in the event world. Since joining the FOS team 3 years ago, Marc has been at the forefront of making dreams come true.

Marc Contardi
Marc Contardi


Marc is known for bringing big, bold colours to his designs to create powerful and dynamic settings. At the same time, he’s an expert at working with neutrals for a classic, romantic design. His passion for decor and open-mindedness ensures each and every event is a truly custom creation.

Sweet 16 - design by Marc Contardi
A vibrant Sweet 16 design by Marc using streamline white furniture and indigo lighting

“I can find inspiration just about anywhere: people, architecture, fine art, nature, fashion – everything has beauty and potential.”

One of Marc’s biggest inspirations is mechanical, logical form. His fascination with the way things fit together is manifested in complex table and room designs that use mixed media, varied heights and complimentary textures to create one cohesive custom piece of art.

The temporariness of event decor is one of the most exciting attributes for Marc, who is always looking forward to the next incredible project. “I love event decor because it’s one-off, temporary,” says Marc, “It’s there one day but gone the next, which makes the audience that gets to experience it just as special as the design.”

Table decor - Marc Contardi
A real work of art, Marc transformed these reception tables into intimate focal points using glass tableware and dim lighting.


Marc takes a professional but friendly approach with each client to gain a true sense of what they want and need to achieve with their design, and to ensure their wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or other special event is everything they want it to be. “Being a part of my clients’ most treasured moments is something that’s incredibly rewarding about my job as an event designer.”

It’s especially important to Marc that the client gets to be a part of the design process so that it’s truly their vision and their special day. With this in mind, Marc makes his meetings an interactive experience where the client is involved in the conception and execution of the design in a big way. Motivated by the importance of each event, Marc’s portfolio is packed with incredible scenes of his clients’ most treasured memories.

Wedding head table design - Marc Contardi
Manzanita trees with hanging tea lights made Marc's whimsical head table design the perfect setting for his client's romantic wedding reception.