Our Top 5 Wedding Apps Picks

In today’s super high-tech world, there’s no greater organizational tool than your phone! There’s an app out there for just about everything, including planning your wedding. Here’s a run-down of some of our personal favourite wedding apps that will help you get your big day on track.

1) WeddingHappy

Platforms: iOS

Cost: FREE

Wedding Happy is one of the best free apps for busy brides/grooms who want to make sure they stay on top of everything they need to do. With this app you can easily create your wedding plan by setting tasks and deadlines, tracking payments, adding vendors, and more! You can also see how far into the planning process you are. It’s easy, clear, and completely customizable.

If you’re willing to spend $9.99 you can also get a premium upgrade, allowing you to add a second planner to your account, export vendor and payments lists and more. They also guarantee a refund if you don’t like what you get, which is rare for a paid app!

1) Pinterest

Platforms: iOS and Android

Cost: FREE

Pinterest may not come with task/payment/progress features, but it’s the perfect place to collect inspiration! As wedding professionals, we know how valuable images can be at communicating your vision, which is why we encourage our clients to create a Pinterest wedding board and share it with us so we can get a feel for their style.

Pinterest allows you to create multiple boards – whether public or private – to cover each aspect of your wedding, such as flowers, food, decor, etc. You can even upload your own images from sample meetings, or your own sketches, which will be a big help when it comes down to making tough final decisions!

1) The Knot (Wedding Planner/GuestBook/LookBook)

Platforms: iOS & Android

Cost: FREE

The Knot has a few apps to take care of your wedding needs: The Knot Wedding Planner, The Knot GuestBook, and The Know LookBook. With The Wedding Planner you can set individual budgets for each expense, browse inspirational pictures, track your vendors as you narrow down “the ones”, and create a task completion list. The GuestBook is a simple website creator and guest list tracker for tracking guest invites and RSVPs. With the LookBook you can browse images sure to inspire your direction, find the stores that sell the products, share them with your wedding party, or save them just for you.

1) Appy Couple

Platforms: iOS & Android

Cost: $39 – $89 USD (includes website and additional features)

The Appy Couple App is an extension of a customized wedding page from www.AppyCouple.com! Appy Couple creates a modern wedding experience for both you and your guests. Choose from their configurable designs to get the app to look and feel like your wedding, include the story of how you and your better half met, post your engagement photos and song choices, and more! Then share the app with your guests and friends (free for them!) to get them psyched for the big day! You also get access to a bunch of useful planning tools and guides.

With the built-in group messaging and event planning features Appy Couple is a wonderful way to keep you and your wedding party and guests connected.

1) iWedding Deluxe

Platforms: iOS

Cost: $9.99

$10 will go far with this app. You can do all the expected things like track your budget automatically or manually, create custom to do lists, and upload photos. On top of that, you can also create a detailed guest list (including meal choices, and reception/ceremony attendance) and export it by email, create a seating plan for the big day and the rehearsal dinner, track your gifts, track your vendors, and be inspired by their Guide section.

The biggest draw is the clean, easy to use interface!

There are lots more nifty mobile tools for brides out there! Feel free to share your favourite wedding planning app in the comments to let us know what else we should check out!



5 things to do when you get engaged

You said yes! First things first: tell the world! Make those calls to your family and friends, post it on Facebook, Tweet it loud and proud, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. (#ISaidYes).

Great, now that everyone knows, here are the next steps to take!

1. Take care of that ring. If it’s not fitting perfectly, get it re-sized so you can show it off to its fullest effect. Also so you don’t lose it… But just in case, you should also insure it for loss, theft or damage. Call your broker to figure out how you can protect your rock most affordably.

2. Get organized. Remember Monica Geller’s binder? Well it is a good idea to start gathering your ideas and thoughts in one place! Your organizational tool could be Pinterest, a wedding planning app like WeddingHappy, or a good ‘ol 3-ring binder. Use it to store and organize your thoughts and ideas, gather pricing information (from friends, family and vendors) so you can create a realistic budget, and set a goal timeline for accomplishing major milestones in the planning process.

3. Start saving. If you haven’t already got some money set aside for the big day, start taking a little off of each paycheque and putting it into an account dedicated to the wedding (your fiancé should do the same). It may not cover all the costs, but it’ll be a big help when it comes time to pay for the caterer, planner, band, decorator, cake, etc.

4. Draft that guest list! Nail down an accurate guest count prediction as early as possible! Consult your family and fiancé’s family for their ideal guest list to ensure no one is left out of consideration, then cut and add as needed. A few last-minute drop-outs are unavoidable, but try to make sure you don’t suddenly remember to add Aunt Betty’s late husband’s family to the list 3 weeks before the date. Most wedding companies charge more per head for last minute additions due to the additional labour, material acquisition, cleaning, prep time, etc. required, so it’s in your wallet’s best interest to figure out an accurate count as soon as you can!

Photo by Sarah Parrott of Parrott Design Studio

5. Book a venue. Look around for the perfect spot as soon as possible. If you already have your heart set on somewhere specific, call them up and find out the availability. If you have the budget for a wedding planner they’ll be able to show you options you may not have considered or even known about before. Your venue should be the first thing you book, so get started with those site visits sooner rather than later.

Beyond Bouquets: unique wedding floral ideas

Flowers are a bride’s second best friend. They help define the design for a wedding, and they also work to set the mood for the event by adding colour and texture. While no one can downplay the importance of traditional floral applications like bouquets and centerpieces, there are other ways to use beautiful blooms to take your wedding to the next level.

Here are 4 ideas for your wedding:

1) Floral Sculptures

Creating sculptures out of fresh flowers is a cool, playful way to express your creativity. The finished product is more like art than decor, and makes for fantastic photo opportunities you and your guests will have a lot of fun with.

2) Ceiling Florals

This trend is big this year!! Guests don’t expect this twist on traditional decor, which will automatically make your design a stand-out in their memories. Your ceiling florals can be lush and massive or small but sweet. Either way it adds vibrancy and romance to the decor and becomes a real “wow” factor.

3) Petal Accents

Using petals for the aisle has been common for a long time. Less common is using bright petals as table decor. This is a unique way to decorate a table without much bulk, and you can be playful! Have fun with the colour blends and petal choices to make it truly your own.

4) Floral Floating Candles

Floating candles are chic and effective on their own, but you can enhance their contribution by submerging colourful flowers in the water. Choose strong flowers that are wavy and can hold up to the water, such as orchids, lilies and mosses. Floral floating candles are great as table decor, but can also be used for aisle decor, especially for an outdoor wedding where a strong breeze could send petals flying.

There are many more ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding design. If you’re a lover of fresh florals, we highly recommend you come in to view our inspiring showroom and meet with one of our incredibly creative designers about how you can make your wedding truly special.

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Winner of our $1000 Decor Giveaway

2016 is off to an exciting start for the winner of our $1000 decor giveaway!!! We’d like to thank all of you who entered our draw for $1000 worth of FOS design services and decor rentals.

And the winner is…..

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