Beyond Bouquets: unique wedding floral ideas

Flowers are a bride’s second best friend. They help define the design for a wedding, and they also work to set the mood for the event by adding colour and texture. While no one can downplay the importance of traditional floral applications like bouquets and centerpieces, there are other ways to use beautiful blooms to take your wedding to the next level.

Here are 4 ideas for your wedding:

1) Floral Sculptures

Creating sculptures out of fresh flowers is a cool, playful way to express your creativity. The finished product is more like art than decor, and makes for fantastic photo opportunities you and your guests will have a lot of fun with.

2) Ceiling Florals

This trend is big this year!! Guests don’t expect this twist on traditional decor, which will automatically make your design a stand-out in their memories. Your ceiling florals can be lush and massive or small but sweet. Either way it adds vibrancy and romance to the decor and becomes a real “wow” factor.

3) Petal Accents

Using petals for the aisle has been common for a long time. Less common is using bright petals as table decor. This is a unique way to decorate a table without much bulk, and you can be playful! Have fun with the colour blends and petal choices to make it truly your own.

4) Floral Floating Candles

Floating candles are chic and effective on their own, but you can enhance their contribution by submerging colourful flowers in the water. Choose strong flowers that are wavy and can hold up to the water, such as orchids, lilies and mosses. Floral floating candles are great as table decor, but can also be used for aisle decor, especially for an outdoor wedding where a strong breeze could send petals flying.

There are many more ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding design. If you’re a lover of fresh florals, we highly recommend you come in to view our inspiring showroom and meet with one of our incredibly creative designers about how you can make your wedding truly special.