Latest Trends Spring & Summer 2010

Inspiration: The need for happy, mood-lifting colours that create a feel of escapism.

Let’s start spring and summer 2010 wedding season with a new flair of creativity and uniqueness. Begin creating your dream wedding by setting your own trends.  Here are a few fresh tips that will help you stay current, yet unique to yourself:

Neutral Colours are once again a popular choice when it comes to wedding decor and you will be seeing a lot of it this upcoming year.  Try to stay in the pastel zone; it is a great way to keep the base colour a subdued neutral while complimenting it with accent colours and darker hews.

Believe it or not, wedding decor colour schemes are closely related to fashion colour schemes. Check out ten top picks for Spring/Summer 2010:

Tip: Don’t forget to add a splash of Sunshine with Vintage Grape & Fiesta Coral

Patterns are making its way to being a popular choice for most weddings. Incorporated in linens, tables, chairs, drapery and backdrops they will add dimension and fullness to your creation. 

Tip: Be BOLD; Don’t be afraid to mix and create the unexpected with Damask and Textures

Tables can also add a unique character to your wedding.  Mix and match shapes such as squares, rounds, or rectangular to create a contemporary design and show an imaginative personality.


Tie the look together with identical Center pieces

High and Low. Inversely, when using tables of the same shape throughout the room forget “Matchy-Matchy”! Centerpieces are evolving from the traditional eye level vase with flowers to pieces that are different sizes. Especially if you are working in a concise room, it will create an illusion to make the room seem much bigger!

Tip: Go High (above the eye level) & Go Low (Below the eye level)

Sparkle is a great way to jazz up any venue, whether you are going for a contemporary or traditional look, crystals add a touch of elegance and richness to every room!